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For more than ten years Sound Notes has been delivering digital music production solutions to producers, artists, composers, and educators. Sitting at the divide between technology and musicality, we tackle the technical barriers that inhibit creativity so the modern digital audio toolbox becomes an extension of the artist. Our work can be found supporting live productions on stage in venues from concert halls to theaters and arenas, heard on studio albums, in professional and home studios, and in the classroom teaching tomorrow’s musicians.

From our base in the Glass City, Toledo, Ohio, it is our distinct honor to serve in this role, and we thank you for creating with us. We look forward to being part of what you create next.


Sample Libraries

Custom playable instruments from your recordings, multi-library normalization; UI, performance, usability programming, and more for Kontakt instruments.

Computer Systems

Digital audio workstations built road-tough. Custom solutions for macOS®, Windows®, and mixed environments. Expertly constructed and provisioned, use the systems we use every day.

Notation Integration

The largest collection of sample library integrations for Sibelius® notation software. Used by professionals, universities, and hobbyists alike on six continents. Simply the best way to realize scores without a DAW. Custom integrations available. Check it out at The Sound Set Project.

Technical Consultation

Digital technical design, asset management, and support services for projects, studios, and live productions. Software to hardware, we’ll help you design a new digital music environment or fix the one you already have. 24/7/365 100% USA-based technical consultation and support.


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